October 14, 2019
by yyyradio

Listen to Brett – Don’t Dis-my-ability

2yyy proudly announces that our own Brett Stanford has a incorporated a great talk show called Don’t Dis-my-ability into his Thursday program. Brett has been with the station for a number of years now and runs three music shows per week being Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm – 3 and Saturdays from 11am -1. The show airs on Thursday from 1-30 pm.

Brett’s idea came from his disabilty that he suffered a traumatic brain injury and decided that it wold be beneficial if he could discuss this on air. As Brett said the show ” would talk about services out there for people with disabilities”.

Brett has already aired the show now for a few weeks and has extremely positive feedback. He also asked if anyone would like to have a chat about their disability please ring 2yyy on 02 62827200 to organise a talk.

September 4, 2019
by yyyradio

Welcome to some more volunteers

Hi all

We are at 2yyy are ecstatic that we have had a great response from our advertising for new volunteers. In the last few months we have had a lot of people join who wish to join our great team. The good news is most of these wish to be on air presenters. As far as the management team at the station is concerned this is great as we do need a number of people to fill in when our normal shift presenters are away. We are in the process of updating our Presenters page on the web site. This includes photos for most people so you can put a face to the voice so please check this out. We do welcome a number of young volunteers as we believe this will ensure the future of 2yyy . We mentioned last time James Wall and Dennis Ward have joined us on air in the last few months.

We now welcome:

Megan Rowe – Megan has joined our Friday team and works the 1 – 3 PM shift. She will play a a variety of music and also intends to expand the program in the future.

Will Reid – Will has just joined and has been learning a number of shifts. He is very keen and will have his own shift very shortly.

Christian Bradley – Christian is from Cootamundra and recently started at the station. He plays a wide genre of music and has put his hand up to help with our Saturday night request program.

James Cahill – Another young guy who recently joined us James is using his musical background to advantage to do a Sunday shift from 11 AM – 1 PM. He may also assist us in other shifts when available.

August 24, 2019
by yyyradio

Web site updated

Hi all again. We here at 2yyy are in the process of updating the 2yyy web site. This is long overdue but there has been many changes.

We have recently updated our schedule and are in the process of updating our on air presenters. We also have information about our Board of Directors and with many new photos hope this will put a face to your Board as well as your presenters.

We have a number of new presenters and these will be added in due course as well as many of off air volunteers as we can.

In the near future we will endeavour to keep both the web site and Facebook up to date with new and interesting items about what is happening at 2yyy and within the Young community.

August 24, 2019
by yyyradio

Welcome to our new volunteers

Hi to all our valued listeners. In our last post we asked for your help with obtaining some new volunteers. The good news is that we have had a great response from this and have a few new on air presenters learning the ropes at the moment.

In the coming weeks we will introduce these people on this web site and on Facebook. This is great news for us as we build our great radio station to the next level. We are endeavouring to put all our presenters n the web site so you can put a face to who you listen to.

If you look further into the web site you will see the changes made including an up to date schedule.

Two of our latest presenters I would like to introduce to are James Wall and Dennis Ward. James is fairly new to Young and came on board a few months ago from Sydney. A huge Monkees fan he has a huge knowledge of all music and can be heard on Tuesday nights from 5 – 7.

Dennis is back to Young after a stint in Darwin. He is very experienced in community radio and worked for years at 2AAA in Wagga. He plays some great music and also has a great knowledge of music. Dennis is on air Wednesday and Thursday nights from 5 – 7.

We also have three new younger volunteers coming on board that we will present t you in the coming weeks.

This all goes well for the future at 2yyy.

August 7, 2019
by yyyradio

Volunteers wanted

2yyy are on the lookout for new volunteers. We at the station are looking to increase our volunteer numbers in all areas but in particular on air presenters.

If you would love to either play your music or do a talk show come down to 44a Lovell St in Young and see us. At present we have a number of available shifts available that our current presenters are filling. As we are all just volunteers there can be a limit to the number of hours people can give up.

We do try and keep providing as much local content as possible and to keep this continuing we need more volunteers. We try and avoid crossing to the CBAA network as much as possible however at times our live resources can be stretched particularly if volunteers are away.

Saying this we also need volunteers willing to help in all areas of the station.

We are a friendly bunch so come down and see us in Lovell St and join the crew or give us a call on 0263827200 or email us at 2yyyradio@westnet.com.au

May 29, 2019
by yyyradio

New Board at 2yyy for 2019

Hi all,

At our AGM on the 27th May a new Board of Directors was sworn in. Unfortunately the was no Secretary position taken up at this stage.

The new Board is as follows:

President – Chris Martin-Henry

Vice President – Helen Thompson

Secretary – Vacant

Treasurer – Kerry Payne

Board Members –

Yvonne Drayton (Bonnie D)

Betty Smithers

Chris Hambrook

We wish the new board all the best for the next 12 months.

February 23, 2019
by yyyradio

Program changes for March 2019

Hi all

2yyy announces that as from Sunday the 3rd March we are embarking on a number of changes to the station programming due to popular demand.

  1. From Monday the 4th March we will now read the Funeral Announcements Monday to Friday at 12:10 pm following the Rural News. They will still be announced Monday to Saturday at 7:30 am as well.
  2. From Sunday the 3rd March we are changing a number of shows for Sundays only due to overwhelming requests from listeners. From 7am to 9am we will be presenting breakfast with a country mix. In this slot we will be playing predominantly your old country favourites. At 9am will be playing lots of Irish music through to 11 am. From 11 am to 1 pm country singer Melissa Robertson will present her Singers and Songwriters Showcase. Following Melissa at 1 pm Charles will play more great country music through to 3 pm.  At 3 pm through to 5 pm Leanne or Jacob will play a great mix of country rock. Normal programming continues after that with Russell presenting The Culture from 5 pm to 7 pm. After 7 pm Mathew plays his popular Christian music show followed by his Geek show at 10 pm.

January 2, 2019
by yyyradio

Membership Fees now Due

Hi all.

From the Board at 2yyy we wish to remind all of our members that membership fees are now due. The fees are applicable for the period Jan 2019 through to Dec 2019 with fees being as below:

Adults $15

Pensioners $10

Clubs and Groups $30.

These fees give members more rights than normal at the station. This includes voting rights at General Meetings and the Annual General Meeting. We intend in the future to extend more benefits to our members. We do at present have a weekly membership draw that has proved really popular. We are also having regular members meetings to hear ideas on how we can improve the running of the station.

We do also wish to increase our membership in 2019 so if you wish to partake in the future of 2yyy we encourage you to invite friends or relatives to join our great radio station.

As well as our local radio signal over the radio waves we remind everyone we do stream all over the world from a number of sources. You can listen not only from our 2yyy website but on your phone or any internet device via Tune In, Streema or a number of internet radio stations search engines. This allows relatives and friends from all around the world to listen to 2yyy.


December 25, 2018
by yyyradio

Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year

From all of us at 2yyy we wish everyone a very Merry, Happy and safe Christmas well as a prosperous New Year. We have had a lot of things happening over the past few months so I will try and tell you the latest .

Firstly our listeners may have noticed a slight break in transmission at times recently. This has been fairly difficult to isolate but we have determined it is not inside our Lovell st studio. We have been in contact with the audio  experts who have determined that the problem is most likely in our transmitter on Resevoir Hill. We have now got this fix underway but due to the holiday season this may take some time. This is an intermittent problem so it has been difficult to find. This will not affect our streaming on the internet as this is done internally at Lovell st premises.

Our Christmas programming has been difficult due to the fact that a number of presenters are away. Because of this there are times that we will have to go to the CBAA network and/or load up programs. We are continually looking for volunteers and particularly on air presenters. We at 2yyy would particularly like to thank all the volunteers who are doing the extra shifts to alleviate this problem.

Concerning our programming we would like to advise that as from the 2nd January 2019 we will not be running the national news at 7:30 am anymore. We feel that the 7:30 news is  just a repeat of the 7 am one. This fits in with a couple of requests to change the funeral announcement times. Due to this the funeral announcements will be read at 7:30 am and the local news will be heard at 7:40 am.

We do hope that in the near future to update the website with a new schedule as well as volunteers photos etc. We also hope to get our Facebook page updated regularly but this all do with people willing to put up their hands to do this.

The changing of the schedule can be difficult due to the number of volunteers coming and going all the time.

One more item to mention is  that of our suggestion box at the station. The board at 2yyy appreciate all the feedback that this box represents. It is however hard to take on board both positive and negative feedback unless any letters are signed and include a name and address. In our rules any items that are not signed and with a readable name and address will not be tabled. If done properly the board can take appropriate notice and respond in a professional manner

Finally the Board at 2yyy hopes that all our listeners, members and volunteers have great 2019 .We are looking forward to a great year and continue to entertain you to the best of our abilities.




November 7, 2018
by Tony Gentle

Members General Meeting and Volunteers wanted

Hi to all

2yyy is convening a General Members Meeting on the 20th November 2018. This will be held at 44a Lovell Street commencing at 6pm.

All financial members are invited to attend. It is hoped that we get a good attendance at the meeting.  We believe this meeting is important to discuss any concerns or bring up ideas in the running of the station.

We are hoping to have these regular meetings in order that Members are kept up to date with happening at the station.

The Board of Directors also wish to increase fairly urgently the number of volunteers at the station. We are particularly looking for on air volunteers. We have a fantastic team of volunteers at the station now but as in any organisation people come and go.

We recognise it is difficult to make everyone happy with the content that is played. However without on air volunteers it is difficult to keep the same genre together all the time to keep everyone happy.

As we try to stick to the fact that we are a community radio we try and play what people want in the overall community.

This comes extremely difficult as we are on air 24 x 7. We are therefore encouraging anyone who would like to came and join our great bunch of volunteers to contact us at 2yyy.

Further to this we are always looking for new ideas. Because we are a community radio any ideas that may benefit the local community will be looked at by the Board no matter what this is.