Welcome to some more volunteers

Hi all

We are at 2yyy are ecstatic that we have had a great response from our advertising for new volunteers. In the last few months we have had a lot of people join who wish to join our great team. The good news is most of these wish to be on air presenters. As far as the management team at the station is concerned this is great as we do need a number of people to fill in when our normal shift presenters are away. We are in the process of updating our Presenters page on the web site. This includes photos for most people so you can put a face to the voice so please check this out. We do welcome a number of young volunteers as we believe this will ensure the future of 2yyy . We mentioned last time James Wall and Dennis Ward have joined us on air in the last few months.

We now welcome:

Megan Rowe – Megan has joined our Friday team and works the 1 – 3 PM shift. She will play a a variety of music and also intends to expand the program in the future.

Will Reid – Will has just joined and has been learning a number of shifts. He is very keen and will have his own shift very shortly.

Christian Bradley – Christian is from Cootamundra and recently started at the station. He plays a wide genre of music and has put his hand up to help with our Saturday night request program.

James Cahill – Another young guy who recently joined us James is using his musical background to advantage to do a Sunday shift from 11 AM – 1 PM. He may also assist us in other shifts when available.

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