Updated web site and streaming

2YYY have recently updated our web site with our new logo and some other newer features.

The basis of the site is still the same as before with all the old features intact. We endeavor to keep the site up to date especially with our Program Schedule but as you would probably know it is very difficult as things change rapidly in a community radio station. This is particularly hard at present with Covid-19 virus with volunteers coming and going.

Our streaming service is also changing. We are changing to a new method of streaming over the internet which we believe is a better quality and reliable. This was not working on Google Chrome before but it works with this system now. One little feature of this is that it shows the song playing from the computer as well as a song list played previously.

This service will also run on Ipads, Iphones and all Android smartphones as well through Tune In.

So tune and enjoy 2YYY wherever you are.


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