December 25, 2018
by yyyradio

Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year

From all of us at 2yyy we wish everyone a very Merry, Happy and safe Christmas well as a prosperous New Year. We have had a lot of things happening over the past few months so I will try and tell you the latest .

Firstly our listeners may have noticed a slight break in transmission at times recently. This has been fairly difficult to isolate but we have determined it is not inside our Lovell st studio. We have been in contact with the audio  experts who have determined that the problem is most likely in our transmitter on Resevoir Hill. We have now got this fix underway but due to the holiday season this may take some time. This is an intermittent problem so it has been difficult to find. This will not affect our streaming on the internet as this is done internally at Lovell st premises.

Our Christmas programming has been difficult due to the fact that a number of presenters are away. Because of this there are times that we will have to go to the CBAA network and/or load up programs. We are continually looking for volunteers and particularly on air presenters. We at 2yyy would particularly like to thank all the volunteers who are doing the extra shifts to alleviate this problem.

Concerning our programming we would like to advise that as from the 2nd January 2019 we will not be running the national news at 7:30 am anymore. We feel that the 7:30 news is  just a repeat of the 7 am one. This fits in with a couple of requests to change the funeral announcement times. Due to this the funeral announcements will be read at 7:30 am and the local news will be heard at 7:40 am.

We do hope that in the near future to update the website with a new schedule as well as volunteers photos etc. We also hope to get our Facebook page updated regularly but this all do with people willing to put up their hands to do this.

The changing of the schedule can be difficult due to the number of volunteers coming and going all the time.

One more item to mention is  that of our suggestion box at the station. The board at 2yyy appreciate all the feedback that this box represents. It is however hard to take on board both positive and negative feedback unless any letters are signed and include a name and address. In our rules any items that are not signed and with a readable name and address will not be tabled. If done properly the board can take appropriate notice and respond in a professional manner

Finally the Board at 2yyy hopes that all our listeners, members and volunteers have great 2019 .We are looking forward to a great year and continue to entertain you to the best of our abilities.




November 7, 2018
by Tony Gentle

Members General Meeting and Volunteers wanted

Hi to all

2yyy is convening a General Members Meeting on the 20th November 2018. This will be held at 44a Lovell Street commencing at 6pm.

All financial members are invited to attend. It is hoped that we get a good attendance at the meeting.  We believe this meeting is important to discuss any concerns or bring up ideas in the running of the station.

We are hoping to have these regular meetings in order that Members are kept up to date with happening at the station.

The Board of Directors also wish to increase fairly urgently the number of volunteers at the station. We are particularly looking for on air volunteers. We have a fantastic team of volunteers at the station now but as in any organisation people come and go.

We recognise it is difficult to make everyone happy with the content that is played. However without on air volunteers it is difficult to keep the same genre together all the time to keep everyone happy.

As we try to stick to the fact that we are a community radio we try and play what people want in the overall community.

This comes extremely difficult as we are on air 24 x 7. We are therefore encouraging anyone who would like to came and join our great bunch of volunteers to contact us at 2yyy.

Further to this we are always looking for new ideas. Because we are a community radio any ideas that may benefit the local community will be looked at by the Board no matter what this is.

August 23, 2018
by yyyradio

Licence Renewal —- Lots Happening

Hi all,

The Board of 2yyy wish to announce that after much work our radio licence has been renewed for the next 5 years. Under ACMA rules all full community broadcasting licences have to be applied for and reviewed every 5 years. This has to be completed 12 months prior to the 5 years.

Saying this we again apologise for not keeping this website up to date. However due to the mountain of activity  at the station combined with volunteer movements etc this has been difficult.

Over the coming months we will endeavour to bring this site up to date. Included in this will be details of all our new volunteers. We will also have a new news page that will keep you informed of all the happenings in the station and community.

We are always looking for volunteers at 2yyy. If you have a special interest in any areas of radio such as on air presenting, office work, technical work and any other area that my help us please contact us at the station 44a Lovell St YOUNG NSW 2594. Our phone number is 0263827200 and our email is



June 9, 2018
by yyyradio

Exciting Saturday programs – Breakfast is back.

To all our valued listeners at 2yyy we wish to advise that Saturday’s now have the following programs.

  1. Due to popular demand Patrick is back at breakfast from 7 am. This show will incorporate all your spots that we on Saturday breakfast previously. Besides the funeral announcements we will present birthday calls, Day by the Stars etc.
  2. The popular Real World Gardener now starts at 8:30 am. Due to numerous complaints that it was on too early this time slot suits those gardeners who like to sleep in a bit on Saturday.
  3. Our Saturday morning sports show follows at 9 am. This is back to the original time and Tony and James talk to all your local sporting identities as well as bringing in everything important in national sport and racing.
  4. At 11 am Brett will be on air with a great range of music from the 80’s to today. Brett will continue till 1 pm.
  5. at 1 pm Jacob moves from 10 am.  He will play a great range of music.
  6. From 3pm Chrissy and Helen will play alternate weeks with out Rock ‘n Roll program. This great program will go through to 5 pm.
  7. At 5 pm Bonnie is in the chair with our fantastic Aussie Country show. This will continue as lead in to requests at 8 pm.
  8. 8 pm brings in the Request show till 12 am followed by great overnight load up.

May 21, 2018
by yyyradio

New Board for 2018/2019

Our Annual General Meeting was held on the 7th May and we have the majority of Board Members re-elected albeit in different roles this year.  Greg Cullen decided not to nominate as he has other ventures in mind. We thank Greg for his valued assistance. The following are your Board members for 2018/19

President – Patrick Watkin. Patrick was Acting President taking over from Tony Gentle earlier in the year. Patrick was Vice President last year and has been a Board Member also for a number of years.

Vice President – David Munnerley. David is a great attribute to our Board. He has great experience in Board management and has been on our Board for a number of years. David is also President of LFE.

Secretary – Tony Gentle . Tony has had many years in Associations at Board level. He has had 24 years at Board level in sporting Associations and has been on 2yyy Board for a number of years. He was President last year but stood aside earlier this year for personal reasons.

Treasurer – Kerry Payne – Kerry has been a long term Treasurer of 2yyy for a number of years also.  This is a very important job and Kerry has decided to continue on with her great work.

Other Board Members

Jenice Mason – Jenice is the hardest working member of the Board. She was Secretary for the majority of the year and also our Volunteer Co-Ordinator. Jenice spends many hours  at the station and does a great job. Her passion for travel means she has stepped aside from Secretary and she is missed greatly at the moment.

Betty Smithers – Betty is also one of our long term Board members and also one of the hardest workers. She is a great attribute to the station and is always on hand to help out.

Yvonne Dudman – Better know as Bonnie D she is the latest addition to the Board. Bonnie is well know and popular to all our listeners. She is our Truckin’ Country and Aus Country lady and will be great attribute to the Board.




December 8, 2016
by yyyradio

Great response to Can Assist BBQ

1greg-cullen-2yyy-board-of-directors_dorothy-mckenzie-canassist_tony-gentle-2yyy-presidentGreg Cullen, Dorothy McKenzie (Can Assist), Tony Gentle

On Saturday the 19th November 2yyy ran a BBQ to raise funds for Can Assist Young at the Donges IGA car park in Lovell St. The BBQ raised a total of $375.00.

The board of directors would particularly thank Robert and the staff for the use of the tent, the BBQ and the supply of food for the day. We would also like to thank Graham and Kathy Marshall from Greycat Enterprises who donated the drinks.

A big thank you goes to all the volunteers who helped on the day. A special mention goes to Pat Watkins who was the main instigator and organiser for the function.

Can Assist are great organisation  and all the funds raised in Young stays in Young to help cancer patients and we were very pleased to assist them.

We do aim to assist the local community in any way possible and will strive in the future to help worthy local organisations.

Thanking You,

Tony Gentle

Acting President


November 18, 2016
by yyyradio

Listen to 2yyy for a great range of programs and music

We love our country mindexusic at 2yyy. Saying that we also love to play a range of other music and interesting and informative programs at your local community station. We have lots of different genres and new volunteers that are too numerous to mention in this article. Some programs  that are tried and tested since our inception include or Monday to Friday request program from 9 am, our Saturday rock and roll show on Saturdays at 3 pm and our Saturday night request show from 8 pm. As well as these popular  shows we have our Friday night rock show  from 6pm as well as all night rock music on Friday from 9pm, Mish Mash on Tuesdays from 6pm and Irish music on Sunday from 10 am. Other shows that have been around for a while include our Christian show from 7pm Sundays, Monday night music mix from 6pm and Ground Swell with Jim Fridays from 3 pm. One new show that has proved a smash hit has been a great fun show from Dolly and Midge at 3pm Wednesday.

We apologise if we have forgotten to mention all our shows but at 2yyy we aim to please the community and play a wide range of shows and programs.

If you have any ideas on any programming or anything else regarding the station please write us a letter or drop a letter into our suggestion box at the station. As well as this you can send us an email to

We are also on the lookout for new volunteers and you do not have to be on air to be a volunteer. We are always on the lookout for new volunteers in the office.

As well as this do not forget we stream 24 X 7 from this website. Just follow the link.

Finally we will be updating the web site in the near future and will inform everyone of all our volunteers including both on air presenters and our valuable office staff.

Stay tuned to 2yyy 92.3 FM.


Tony Gentle


November 10, 2016
by yyyradio

Changes ahead at 2yyy

Hi everyone

2yyy would like to announce that we have many changes in mind to please our many great listeners both in Young and districts and world wide on the net.

Firstly we do apologise that our web site has not been kept up to date as we liked but this will all change in the near future as we look like a complete update to its format.

Their is an acting board in place at the moment who have been working overtime in order to keep the place running smoothly. This consists of Tony Gentle (formerly Vice  President) as Acting President, Dave Munnerley stepping up as Vice President, Kerry Payne is now Secretary/Treasurer. Other members include  Jenice Mason, Betty Smithers, Greg Cullen and Patrick Watson who has filled the recent vacancy left on the board.

We have been flooded with new volunteer applications at the moment and are working to fill as many vacancies on air as follows. One of our main aims is to widen the variety of shows and music genre played by the station. One prime example is the new show on Wednesday afternoon presented by Dolly and Midge that has received rave reviews since its recent inception.

Stay tuned to the website for many more posts to learn about our exciting future



November 6, 2016
by yyyradio

BBQ in aid of Can Assist

logoOn Saturday morning the 19th November 2yyy will be conducting a fund raising BBQ for Can Assist Young.

This will be held in the Donges IGA car park in Lovell St from 8:30 am.

Come down and and have some breakfast or have an early lunch with the great volunteers from 2yyy.

Can Assist is a wonderful organisation that assists all types of cancer patients in many ways. All funds raised go to assisting patients in the Young area.

April 28, 2014
by Tony Gentle

2yyy supports local Rugby League with live broadcasts

cherrypickers2yyy continues to get involved with the local community and are proud to announce the live broadcasting of local rugby league.

2yyy kicked off the season last weekend the 27th April 2014 with the broadcasting of the Young Cherrypickers First Grade game against Cootamundra from Alfred Oval in Young

Our new team of Harry Scorse , Tony Gentle and Wayne Nolan together with the expert comments from Steve Woolford broadcasted not only live into Young and District but around the world through our live streaming.

We intend to continue this every Sunday during the the football season from 2 pm to 5 pm. At present we intend to call home games only but this may change in the future.

Special mention must go to young Harry Scorse who did a great job for his first live ever call and Steve Woolford whose comments compared favourably to the great league legend Peter Sterling.

2yyy are inviting local business to consider sponsorship for these broadcast as we already have had a great response to our first call.

Any interested parties can ring the station on 0263827200 during business hours to discuss or email to