New Board for 2018/2019

Our Annual General Meeting was held on the 7th May and we have the majority of Board Members re-elected albeit in different roles this year.  Greg Cullen decided not to nominate as he has other ventures in mind. We thank Greg for his valued assistance. The following are your Board members for 2018/19

President – Patrick Watkin. Patrick was Acting President taking over from Tony Gentle earlier in the year. Patrick was Vice President last year and has been a Board Member also for a number of years.

Vice President – David Munnerley. David is a great attribute to our Board. He has great experience in Board management and has been on our Board for a number of years. David is also President of LFE.

Secretary – Tony Gentle . Tony has had many years in Associations at Board level. He has had 24 years at Board level in sporting Associations and has been on 2yyy Board for a number of years. He was President last year but stood aside earlier this year for personal reasons.

Treasurer – Kerry Payne – Kerry has been a long term Treasurer of 2yyy for a number of years also.  This is a very important job and Kerry has decided to continue on with her great work.

Other Board Members

Jenice Mason – Jenice is the hardest working member of the Board. She was Secretary for the majority of the year and also our Volunteer Co-Ordinator. Jenice spends many hours  at the station and does a great job. Her passion for travel means she has stepped aside from Secretary and she is missed greatly at the moment.

Betty Smithers – Betty is also one of our long term Board members and also one of the hardest workers. She is a great attribute to the station and is always on hand to help out.

Yvonne Dudman – Better know as Bonnie D she is the latest addition to the Board. Bonnie is well know and popular to all our listeners. She is our Truckin’ Country and Aus Country lady and will be great attribute to the Board.




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