Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year

From all of us at 2yyy we wish everyone a very Merry, Happy and safe Christmas well as a prosperous New Year. We have had a lot of things happening over the past few months so I will try and tell you the latest .

Firstly our listeners may have noticed a slight break in transmission at times recently. This has been fairly difficult to isolate but we have determined it is not inside our Lovell st studio. We have been in contact with the audio  experts who have determined that the problem is most likely in our transmitter on Resevoir Hill. We have now got this fix underway but due to the holiday season this may take some time. This is an intermittent problem so it has been difficult to find. This will not affect our streaming on the internet as this is done internally at Lovell st premises.

Our Christmas programming has been difficult due to the fact that a number of presenters are away. Because of this there are times that we will have to go to the CBAA network and/or load up programs. We are continually looking for volunteers and particularly on air presenters. We at 2yyy would particularly like to thank all the volunteers who are doing the extra shifts to alleviate this problem.

Concerning our programming we would like to advise that as from the 2nd January 2019 we will not be running the national news at 7:30 am anymore. We feel that the 7:30 news is  just a repeat of the 7 am one. This fits in with a couple of requests to change the funeral announcement times. Due to this the funeral announcements will be read at 7:30 am and the local news will be heard at 7:40 am.

We do hope that in the near future to update the website with a new schedule as well as volunteers photos etc. We also hope to get our Facebook page updated regularly but this all do with people willing to put up their hands to do this.

The changing of the schedule can be difficult due to the number of volunteers coming and going all the time.

One more item to mention is  that of our suggestion box at the station. The board at 2yyy appreciate all the feedback that this box represents. It is however hard to take on board both positive and negative feedback unless any letters are signed and include a name and address. In our rules any items that are not signed and with a readable name and address will not be tabled. If done properly the board can take appropriate notice and respond in a professional manner

Finally the Board at 2yyy hopes that all our listeners, members and volunteers have great 2019 .We are looking forward to a great year and continue to entertain you to the best of our abilities.




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