Members General Meeting and Volunteers wanted

Hi to all

2yyy is convening a General Members Meeting on the 20th November 2018. This will be held at 44a Lovell Street commencing at 6pm.

All financial members are invited to attend. It is hoped that we get a good attendance at the meeting.  We believe this meeting is important to discuss any concerns or bring up ideas in the running of the station.

We are hoping to have these regular meetings in order that Members are kept up to date with happening at the station.

The Board of Directors also wish to increase fairly urgently the number of volunteers at the station. We are particularly looking for on air volunteers. We have a fantastic team of volunteers at the station now but as in any organisation people come and go.

We recognise it is difficult to make everyone happy with the content that is played. However without on air volunteers it is difficult to keep the same genre together all the time to keep everyone happy.

As we try to stick to the fact that we are a community radio we try and play what people want in the overall community.

This comes extremely difficult as we are on air 24 x 7. We are therefore encouraging anyone who would like to came and join our great bunch of volunteers to contact us at 2yyy.

Further to this we are always looking for new ideas. Because we are a community radio any ideas that may benefit the local community will be looked at by the Board no matter what this is.

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