Licence Renewal —- Lots Happening

Hi all,

The Board of 2yyy wish to announce that after much work our radio licence has been renewed for the next 5 years. Under ACMA rules all full community broadcasting licences have to be applied for and reviewed every 5 years. This has to be completed 12 months prior to the 5 years.

Saying this we again apologise for not keeping this website up to date. However due to the mountain of activity  at the station combined with volunteer movements etc this has been difficult.

Over the coming months we will endeavour to bring this site up to date. Included in this will be details of all our new volunteers. We will also have a new news page that will keep you informed of all the happenings in the station and community.

We are always looking for volunteers at 2yyy. If you have a special interest in any areas of radio such as on air presenting, office work, technical work and any other area that my help us please contact us at the station 44a Lovell St YOUNG NSW 2594. Our phone number is 0263827200 and our email is



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