Its Goodbye from Tony G

Hi all. The day is coming closer that me and my family will be leaving Young and moving to the Central Cost.

It was about July 2004 when I was aware that Cabbage McDonald was starting up a community radio station in Cloete Street. I was asked to set up all the computers and network at 2YYY. There were lots of teething problems but eventually we went to air in September 2004.

Due to space I cannot dwell on all the problems since our first test transmission in September 2004 These range from change of management to losing our license.  Allowing for all these problems persistence from our fantastic early Board and all our volunteers we are still there today on a full license.

I started looking after the IT and in January 2005 myself and Ray Dowling started with “Good Vibrations” on Friday nights a show I continued after Ray left. I continued until recently however unfortunately I have not been able to do a final show at this stage and have had various calls about this.  Hopefully I will do a final show soon. As well as this show I have done nearly every shift at 2YYY in my 17 years.

I would like to thank everybody I have worked at since 2004 at 2YYY. Obviously there has been dozens of people involved at the station. I therefore cannot list everyone but all the volunteers at 2YYY both past and current have done a fantastic job.

Keep up the good work.


Tony Gentle

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