2YYY – They are listening all over the world

Hi all.

Our new streaming service is going great everywhere not just in the Hilltops region. Many people in Young have relatives all over the world. Unfortunately the covid pandemic has prevented international travel. So you can tell anyone you know anywhere in Australia and all over the world to tune into 92.3 fm. We have made a massive effort to add 2yyy 92.3 on dozens of search engines that play world wide radio. Many will play 2yyy if you search for it. In todays internet world it costs very little to listen on your phone or your computer. So if you dont have a radio there are no excuses not to listen to our great community radio station.

Below are some statistics for today the 18th August 20 that shows we have had 72 listeners today all around the world  with  117 listening hours.

So come on and listen online anytime.


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