Were Catching Up


Hi All.

Firstly let me apologise on behalf  of the Board of Management for not updating our web site in recent months. We have had may changes at the station since our AGM and we will endeavour to catch up with all the news , changes and coming events in the coming months.

Just to reiterate at our AGM the following board was elected:

Tony Gentle – President

Patrick Watkin – Vice President

Jenice Mason – Secretary

Kerry Payne – Treasurer

Other Board members – Betty Smithers, David Munnerley and Greg Cullen.

Unfortunately a couple of our hard working Committee Members have been unwell in recent months and this meant more work for the rest of the Committee.

I would like to thank all the Committee for their great effort in seeing us through this difficult period.

To our Directors that were sick lets hope that the future is bright and clear.

As well as this I thank all the volunteers for their fantastic support.

One of the main reason we have been behind with this site and other news is  that our application for the renewal of our  full time broadcasting licence that had to be in to ACMA by the 31/10. This involved a mountain of work and I thank everyone who helped with this. After months of toil it finally has been presented.

We have some exciting news about our sponsorship and great new shows that will be posted on this web site and Facebook as well.

Thanks everyone.

Tony Gentle – President  2yyy


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