Exciting Saturday programs in June – Breakfast is back.Market place at 1 pm.


To all our valued listeners at 2yyy we wish to advise that from Saturday the 16th June we have made the following program changes.

  1. Due to popular demand Patrick is back at breakfast from 7 am. This show will incorporate all your spots that we on Saturday breakfast previously. Besides the funeral announcements we will present birthday calls, Day by the Stars etc.
  2. The popular Real World Gardener now starts at 8:30 am. Due to numerous complaints that it was on too early this time slot suits those gardeners who like to sleep in a bit on Saturday.
  3. Our Saturday morning sports show follows at 9 am. This is back to the original time and Tony and James talk to all your local sporting identities as well as bringing in everything important in national sport and racing.
  4. At 11 am Brett will be on air with a great range of music from the 80’s to today. Brett will continue till 1 pm.
  5. at 1 pm Jacob moves from 10 am. Our popular Market Place will be presented for those who wish to trade on the radio. This will be mixed with a great range of music.
  6. From 3pm Chrissy and Helen will play alternate weeks with out Rock ‘n Roll program. This great program will go through to 5 pm.
  7. At 5 pm Bonnie is in the chair with our fantastic Aussie Country show. This will continue as lead in to requests at 8 pm.
  8. 8 pm brings in the Request show till 12 am followed by great overnight load up.

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