Annual General Meeting 2019


To all our valued members. The Annual General Meeting of Lambing Flat Community Broadcasting Inc, has been set down for Monday 27th may 2019. This will be held at the Young Bowling Club at 6:30 PM.

We recently set out nomination for positions on the Board Of Directors. The Board consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer (making the Executive Committee) and 3 other Directors making a total of 7.

We must reiterate that the final date for eligible membership voting was the 18th March 2019.  Nomination forms were NOT sent out to any members who had not paid their fees at that date. Any fees received after that  date means that members are ineligible to either nominate board members or vote in the ballot.

All nomination forms must arrive at 2yyy studios by 4:00 PM Tuesday the 24th April.  All acceptances for nominations must be finalised then as well.

In explaining the voting system if a person is nominated and accepted with no one else accepting a nomination this person is deemed as elected and thus are not included in any ballot. This applies to all position including the three non executive Directors.  An example is if there are more than three accepted nominations for the Directors positions these would go to ballot that will be posted out after the 24th April. The same applies to the 4 executive positions if there is more than one acceptance of a nomination eg If more than 1 person applies for President, Vice President, Secretary and Teasurer’s jobs. These positions will go on the ballot as more than one person accepted a nomination.

Hoping this clarifies the voting system.

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