Board Of Management

Acting President

Tony Gentle

Tony is the longest serving member at the station just in front of Jenice. He has been a director for 3 years. Tony is qualified  accountant and works full time in this position He is also qualified IT consultant and look after the computers at the station. Tony has been involved in many volunteer and community organisations particularly sport with 18 years in administration and coaching  of cricket. His main musical interest is rock and roll from 60’s to 90’s.


Acting Vice President

David Munnerly

David Munnerley – David has been with the station for 5 years. He loves to play music from a number of areas and presents a great mix of pop, rock and country rock on Sunday afternoons.


Acting Secretary/Treasurer

Kerry PayneKerry Payne

Kerry has been with the station for 9 years and has been the treasurer for 8 years. A qualified bookkeeper Kerry keeps a great track of our financial position and is self employed in that area. Kerry also has great love of music across all genres.  A talented singer Kerry is also greatly interested in genealogy. She has also been involved in community and volunteer organisations for many years.


Other Directors

Jenice MasonJenice Mason

Jenice is our second longest serving volunteer being with the station for going on 10 years. Jenice is also a long serving member of the board and has been there for 10 years. She is a hard working director and is always on hand at the station to assist with management.  Jenice has many musical interests over wide areas but especially country music.


Betty SmithersBetty Smithers

Betty has been a director for 12 months but has been at 2yyy for over 7 years. She is also a dedicated worker at the station and assists in all areas of administration. She brings forward many great ideas at board meetings and is always helpful and cheerful to all the other volunteers. Also a dedicated family person she has been involved in lots of other community work. She likes all music genres and loves patchworking.